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About me

I have been working with Internet and the Web since 1999 – as a programmer, web publisher, web manager, project manager and lately also as technical project manager and migration expert.

I have worked mainly as a consultant with the Swedish telecom company Ericsson since 2004, but has also been involved in a lot of other projects with varying tasks for different companies.

Other industries I have worked in during my career are Transport, Sales, Computer installation and support and Aviation.

In addition to my interest of Internet and web stuff, I play golf as often as I can in the summer, and in the winter, I go skiing.

I live in Järvsö in Hälsingland but also have an apartment in Sollentuna and normally work in the Stockholm area but also when the job so permits periods from home.



Helping clients to plan and structure their web sites. Advising how to best use the web to achieve goals and purposes.

Project management

Experience in planning and leading smaller and medium-sized web projects.

Technical project management

It is not always easy for a communications department and a technical supplier to understand each other. With my background where I have worked as well as programmer, web communicator and user of many different systems, I can create effective specifications and work with developers and programmers so that the system they are working with will be as user-friendly as possible for the end users.

Migration expert

Anyone who has ever been involved in a project that involves moving a website (internal or external) from one system to another, know the challenges of such a project. It’s about so much more than just the transfer of data, there is a lot of steps that must be planned and implemented in a proper manner and in the right order to make the migration as smooth and effective as possible. I have worked in several such projects and can help both to plan and to guide through the entire project.

Web development

Creating websites using HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, SQL, and similar techniques or – more common today – using different publishing tools.

Database design

Experience in planning and designing databases for smaller and medium-sized web projects.

Web publishing

I have worked many years as a web publisher for Ericsson’s intranet and externa website using the publishing tools TeamSite, EriColl (Sharepoint), Drupal and InfoService. Also, working as web publisher for other companies and their web sites using different publishing tools.

Web manager

Worked a couple of years as Web Manager for a department within Ericsson with responsibility for its web pages and responsible for training the departments’ web publishers.

Publishing tools

Since I have worked with a lot of different systems, I today consider myself being a bit of an expert of publishing tools. I have worked with tools such as Sharepoint, TeamSite, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, InfoService (Internal system in Ericsson that I also been working with further development of), etc.
I have also created a tool myself together with a colleague, webCreator, that today is on the market. Lately I have also worked a lot with WordPress and Sharepointand are getting quite good using these.


Swedish (native language)
English (fluid in writing and speaking)


Publishing tools and other systems

WordPress, Sharepoint, Drupal, Dreamweaver, TeamSite, webCreator, MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL, Joomla, Adobe photoshop, Google tools, MS Office, etc.
I use to say that a tool is a tool and that I learn what I need to know.

Programming skills

HTML, ASP, VB-script, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, PHP, JSP, Java
However, I have not worked with direct programming for a while, so if such a project should turn up, I most likely need to freshen up my skills.

Latest assignments

Järla sjö: Creating new web sites for Järla sjö community association and for several connected tenant-owned apartment associations.

PALEMA: Creating new web site for PALEMA, a Swedish cancer association.

Sitrus agency/Sida: During 2016 working with migrating an intranet from an older to a newer version of Sharepoint for Sida, the Swedish government aid organization.

Sitrus agency/Ericsson: Since 2004: web publishing, news publishing, banner creation, image handling, planning and structuring new web sites, participating in a steering group working with further development of an internal news publishing tool, Web manager for a unit on Ericsson, Technical project manager for development projects, and general web advice.

Grontmij Sweden (Now part of Sweco): Customer responsible and part of publishing team working with their external web site. Migration expert in a project of moving their intranet from EpiServer to Sharepoint.

Previous work

2004 – ongoing: Sitrus agency (as consultant) – Web publisher, Web manager, Project manager, Technical project manager
Web publisher for different units within the telecom company Ericsson. Project Manager for new web sites on their intranet. Participating in a steering group working with further development of an internal news publishing tool. Web Manager for a unit within Ericsson. Technical project manager for further development of existing tools and systems.

1999 – ongoing: Weekend Webbexperterna
Part owner and CEO of consultant company working with web development, web production, web publishing and advice to different clients.

2001 – ongoing: Alhbin Data – Web consultant (self-employed)
Working on many different web projects, both myself and in cooperation with other partners.

1999 – 2001: Nettime AB/Switch Technologies
Web developer and Project Manager in IT company.

1997 – 2004: Cab driver
In periods working as a cab driver in Stockholm.

1995 – 2004: Firma Anders Alhbin – Sales/Education
Sales person for an American health company. Also, working with recruiting and training new sales persons.

1989 – 1997: Kallhälls Video – Video store owner
Owner of store for renting out video films and selling associated products.

1987 – 1989: Teda systemservice AB
Installation and support of IT systems for video stores.

1986 – 1987: BP Fotbollstadion
Manager for video rental department. Also, working with book-keeping, salaries, purchase, and other administrative tasks.

1981 – 1986: Linjeflyg AB – Administrator
Working with salaries and other administrative tasks for Swedish domestic airline company.

1980: Military service (11 months)
Head of the guards on a military staff.

1977 – 1979: Transair Sweden AB
Various administrative tasks for a charter airline company during school holidays.


2010: Rhetoric (3 days)

2010: Marketing (3 days)

2001: JAVA programming basics (1 week)

1999: Web developer (8 months)

1977-1979: High school (economy)

1961-ongoing: Life experience


Dan Stenius, Head of Production Manager, Sitrus agency – 073/682 60 44

Roland Krawczuk, Product Manager, Ericsson – 010/719 25 52

Per Lemon, IT-consultant, B3IT Interact
(previous Technical Product Manager & Delivery Manager at Ericsson) – 073/438 16 60

Kerstin Becker, Communications department, Sida – 08/698 55 35 – 0732/572 535

Sara Hedlund, Sidas IT-unit – 08/698 5779

Emma Agneborg, Head of Communications COWI Sweden
(previously Head of Communications at Grontmij) – 070/268 89 81

Helene Birknert, Sales Channel Manager at Microdata Telecom Group
(previously Director Communication GF Sales & Marketing, Ericsson) – 070/246 91 39

Fay Scafe, Production Manager, Sitrus – 076/129 61 82

Cathrine Bagger, Content Manager on the Swedish official employment office – 072-599 56 20 – 0704-859012


More references can be provided on request.


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